Friday, 25 April 2008

Diet, Mother****er!

I'm really quite bored of dieting now, and this is a bad thing. It means I slip into old habits of just not bothering to eat, then wolfing down a large supper and feeling sick. Also, I'm trying very hard, but nothing's coming off! The first week I lost 7 pounds. Then I went to Glasgow, it was that time of the month, and I put 4 pounds back on. Now, no matter what I do, I can't seem to shift my bulk - although I am up to 6 pounds in loss. 4 more and I don't have to give anything up for 3 months! I really, really hope Janus is going great guns and will reach the 10lb target as well. I also really, really hope I don't lose.

Yesterday was quite productive, but not in the areas that are most important, unfortunately. There was a lot of nedding planning and confirmations to send in, now we have (almost) everyone's RSVPs. Not, you understand, in written form, except from the lovely marvellous Janus & Badger, and Phid. Still, I suppose I'm premature. Everyone has until the end of the day to definitely confirm. I had to chase The Head Boy, and Champaign Charlie, and Chopper (who assured me her reply was in the post, along with a thank you for the birthday weekend), and I'm still pretty unconvinced that The Head Boy will come. He's the world's biggest flake - and he's serving a very important purpose at my nedding, namely entertaining my father during supper. If he doesn't come I'll have to implement plan B. Patricide.

Anyway, we did (almost) all the finalising, then Fisher went for her long run and I followed like a devoted dog on the bike. We ran up Quarry Road, down past Thai Teak, straight over to Clayton, then down to Guardbridge. Then into St Andrews, along West Sands and back. Fisher did really well, implementing a walk-run strategy on mile 11 or so, which enabled her to finish the distance with aplomb. We then had a mile's walk home, which means she actually covered 19 miles. I found the bike ride much, much easier than the one with Phid - probably because it was all tarmac, and Fisher's pace is more suitable.

Back at home, I jumped straight into the car and went to Tesco, buying us a big fat supper in reward for all our hard work. Of course, my hard work wasn't really hard work at all, and the big fat supper was almost certainly too much lard for my diet and I will regret it. But this morning the scales showed no move from yesterday, so fingers crossed. 'Course, weight gain usually shows up after 2 days rather than 1, so it's tomorrow I dread. I must be rigid and determined today.

This reminds me - a few days ago we went to see a promising looking house in the Trossachs. 2 hours drive later and it was a 'no' without even looking inside. Again. So we went to Monachyle Mhor Hotel for lunch. Very nice indeed, although the menu choice is just that - one choice. Starters were either soup or chicken paté terrine, so I had the terrine. Main courses were either monkfish tail or duck, so I had monkfish. Both courses were delicious. I then had chocolate pavé for pudding. I can hear Janus and Pro rubbing their hands together in glee. However, I did play tennis in the evening, and didn't eat anything else all day - or have breakfast. Basically, I ate 3 meals in one sitting.

So that was food the day before yesterday. Food for yesterday was:
2 pieces toast, Clover
Sirloin steak, baked potato w/ Clover and 25g cheese, herb salad, tomato & mozzarella salad
Strawberries & low fat yoghurt, with tbsp sugar

I'm pretty sure I can do better than this, but one moment of pride came in Tesco. I wandered over to the bakery section, and was there assailed with the heady scent of chocolate muffins baking. Transfixed, I stood in the middle of the aisle as my mind whirled in an orgy of pudding-dreams. Slowly I went to the muffins. I stared at them for a long time. Then I swallowed and walked away. Passing the cake aisle my eyes lit on miniature carrot cakes. I picked up a box and looked at the fat content of each one. Only 10g. Much better than anything else I'd seen. Then I looked at the size of said mini cake. One bite and it would be gone, so no chance of only eating the one. That would be 20g of fat. And even if I stuck to just one, 10g fat is too much to waste on a mouthful. Also, for crying out loud, I don't like carrot cake. I put the cake back. Then I saw, nestled next to them in coy seduction, mini chocolate cup cakes. I grasped them swiftly to my bosom. 10g fat in these, too! Surely a little cup cake wouldn't hurt?

3 months without TV for the sake of one mouthful of chocolate?

I put them back. Then I bought some muffins (2.3g fat) and crumpets (o.3g) instead.

Hurrah for me. A crumpet with jam is delicious, and will provide perfect sweetness for those diabolical cravings.

Now why, oh why, does nature not recognise such acts of momentous will? Surely it should be worth at least 3 lbs?

Today I have squash in the afternoon. Otherwise, my head should be in the books. Turns out I only have a week to complete my massage coursework and I haven't looked at a single page yet!