Thursday, 10 April 2008

Live As If You Were to Diet Tomorrow ...

Not sure how Mahatma would take that little perversion of his words. Anyway:


Baked potato with tuna mayo and sweetcorn

Half a spatchcock poussin, with a large field mushroom grilled with a crust of blue cheese and breadcrumbs. Also carrots, tomatoes, asparagus and a few spuds - all beautifully cooked by Fisher, who assures me it was all healthy stuff. Couldn't have been, though, as it was far too tasty and filling.

Several handfuls of roasted soya nuts. Starting to find them less satisfactory now.

I also went for a 5k run up Quarry Road - my first uphill run for a long while. It was very slow, at 35.32, which disappointed me, but at least I did it. I was so tired after getting up relatively early (for me) and driving 2 hours to see a house that was just awful. We had such high hopes for it, but it was bollocks. Oh well. The search continues.