Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Mildly Exciting ...

So, all who know Fisher will know that she went to school with a certain pop star. Well - guess who was in town last night, visiting family? And guess who ran into Fisher outside Tesco and was just sweet as could be? Very keen to catch up - came back to ours for a wee drinkie - got mildly pissed ... and there's me creaking along after a 6 mile run, feeling like death and unable to string a sentence together. I had to keep going out the room so I could blow my nose in horribly snotty fashion. We kept her out the sitting room, so she didn't see the guitar and piano and feel like she had to perform.

She really was lovely though.

Fisher 'n' KT


Anonymous said...

Jaysas! and you didn't call to let me know. I'd have been up there in a flash...autograph book in hand. Ohmigod KT Tunstall visited Holly Frot!!! Did she sit in my space (bench closest to the window in the middle) did she? did she? did she?

PS I expected more of your photoshop skills
PPS Why the bejaysas do you have a cardboard cut out of KTT?
PPPS On second thoughts, you can keep that to yourself..

Anonymous said...

PPPPPS 6 mile run? Who you trying to kid?