Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow we Diet.

I'm running out of diet quotes.

Today: 2 pieces wholemeal toast, Clover. Turns out the reason Clover is so good is that it's pretty much butter. The only real difference is in the saturated fat content, which is better by about 10g.
Apple, pack Walker's lights. Handful soya nuts. Vegetable and cashew nut cous cous for supper. Mini bottle coke. 2 coffees. Think that's it.

Exercise: none, really. Oh - walked the dogs 2.4 miles at Tentsmuir, so I suppose that's something.

Yesterday I had my first game of tennis of the season, and, as usual I played a blinder. It's always downhill from here, but I'd like to improve my game considerably this year. I also ran my fastest ever 5k at 28.36 - inside, of course - and did a paltry amount of weights before having a fight with Fisher and stropping off to walk the dogs on the beach.

We're going to look at another house tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. It's not much bigger than this place, which is ok, but it's just a bit bleak looking. Oh well - we shall see.

God, I'm so tired. Dieting is exhausting - and the tennis and 5k has really made my achilles tendons hurt. Just feeling a bit poo, really : (