Wednesday, 9 April 2008

If I Should Diet, Think Only This of Me ...

That there's some corner of a fromage frais that is forever Seshat ...

Or, more accurately, a yoghurt. I've re-discovered quite a penchent for these low-fat lovelies.

Anyway, on this day I have consumed thusly:

None. Slept late, cleaner came so we went out with the dogs and got lunch at the Byre Theatre in St A's.

Crayfish salad with lemon dressing. Nibbled bits of mezze - feta, pitta bread, a mouthful or two of lamb stew.

Spag bol, made with extra lean mince. Added some salami chunks and a couple of slices of parma ham to the usual suspects. 125g fresh pasta - exactly quarter of the pack.

Lovely Rachel's organic yoghurt. However, it's so good and creamy that I have a sneaking suspicion it's not at all low fat. *Checks* Man! It's 3.3g fat and only 101kcals! This diet's going to be a piece of piss!

A few handfuls of those soya bean thingies.

Other than the dullness of dieting, I've had a lot of fun doing nedding stuff. Fisher and I went to the registry office, further to a brief and slightly embarrassing conversation we had a few days ago that went something like this:

Me: "Yammer yammer yammer nedding yammer fun yammer plans yammer fun stuff yammer costumes yammer ..."
Fisher: "Oh yes - and we should really get those forms signed as well."
Me: Blank look.
Fisher: "Er ... shouldn't we? The forms? Sign them?"
Me: Blanker look.
Fisher: (as to a 2 year old) "Sign ... the ... forms ...?"
Me: "What forms?"
*Horrified looks from Fisher, Arrow and Lu.*
Me: "Ohhhhh ... those forms. The actual partnership thing. Yeah. We should do that."

Alas, when we actually rocked up the registrar wasn't in, so we made an appointment to see her/him on Friday. We've also chatted with the planner and finalised a few things, requested a few others, and made some difficult choices over asking people to do stuff. I realised that one of the important things a traditional wedding does is allow an opportunity to ask those close to you to share in the event. For the British, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate affection without actually, you know, having to demonstrate it.

Other news - we're off to see a potential house tomorrow. Fisher is very excited about it. I'm not, really, but am willing to be swayed. We shall see.