Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Food and Golf

Today has been surprisingly pleasant in its out-of-the-blue fun. Pro's golf clubs came in to Auchterlonies, so he came up and got them and we went to the driving range. He's now hitting balls with a pitching wedge about as far as I hit them with a driver. Oh to be 6 ft 10.

Food wise, this is what I've eaten:

30g bowl of Coco Pops.

Forgot (to eat it, not what I ate)

Lamb chops, grilled with rosemary and worcestershire sauce
Salad, with feta cheese (much less than 25g)

Handful roasted soya bean things. Quite nice, if a little pasty when chewed.
Bag Walker's lights, cheese and onion flavour. Nice.
Teeny tiny Time Out. Mmmmm ...

2 large coffees, 4 sweetners total
1 small bottle coke

Think that's all. I also went to the gym for a rubbish work out, involving:

15 mins run, 1.5 miles
3 x 12 leg machine (where you push a weight up with your shins) on 90kg, each set interspersed with 3 x 12 lat pull down, on 6
3 x 12 bicep curl, on 6
3 x 12 horizontal leg lift, on 120kg

Then I took the dogs to the vet to have their butts squeezed. Always lovely. I also gave them a bit of a run on the beach, but it was too crowded for a proper walk, poor things.

That's all folks. Dullsville.